Testimonials From Our Customers


When I first started using Zenamin with my horse, his feet were constantly cracking downward from the nail holes. I was facing the expense of glue on shoes. After a few months of using Zenamin, his feet notably improved. He has been on Zenamin ever since, the cracks have disappeared and he has never lost a shoe. That was five years ago. Currently this horse, Centaur LF is competing successfully in dressage at the Grand Prix level.
Today, my whole barn is on Zenamin, from brood mares to advanced working horses. Having a Masters of Science in Nutritional Immunology myself, I recognize the importance of using Zenamin in conjunction with my feed program to achieve and maintain optimal herd health. Zenamin helps keep everyone developing properly and working well. I would highly recommend this supplement to any horse owner as part of their herd health program.

Janet Konyer M.Sc., Lookout Farm




Show Name: Maybe it’s Maybelline’
Zenamin has done wonders on my horses hooves and coat. I am confident in using this product knowing it keeps my horse healthy, happy and looking fantastic

Molly Cudmore




Bystorm Judas 3rd in the Governor General Cup, 1st 3yo colt/gelding Champion colt/gelding. A great Royal, Special thanks to Ronnie Davidson

Bystorm Farm



3 year old Carte Noir Grand Champion at London CSHA line show on Saturday, 7/13/2019

Carte Noir, filly by Cabardino out of Penny Black DOB April 6th 2016

Carte Noir, filly by Cabardino out of Penny Black DOB April 6th 2016


Cafe Noir - Champion at Canadian Showjumping Tournament Palgrave 2016

Cafe Noir – Champion at Canadian Showjumping Tournament Palgrave 2016



Noir de Noir – 2014 filly Grand Champion both CHSA and Open at Ontario Elite Hunter Sales Show in August 2016

“Zenamin keeps my horses looking their best and in winning form.”

Wyndalways Farm


horse vitamin supplements
THANK YOU ZenA-min!! This spring in our area has been very dry and dusty. My six-year-old quarter pony developed a cough that was diagnosed as a mild dust allergy and prescribed a bronchial dilator. It didn’t seem to help at all. To the point where I couldn’t even participate in a clinic I had signed up for in early June because of the constant cough whenever I asked her to work.

The week after the clinic I went to our local farm supply store – Wool Growers, Carleton Place – and asked Val what she recommended. She took me by the arm and walked me over to the shelf with your product. She relayed her own success story and told me I wouldn’t regret it.

She was right. Within 6 days of being on the loading dose, my pony is cough-free. With riding 3+ times a week, a fun day and two full weekend jackpots under my belt, I can definitely say it has done wonders!! We did two weeks of the loading dose and is she is now on the single day dose and she is still cough-free! I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Thank you ZenA-min for allowing me to have the summer I was preparing all winter for!!

Karen Scales Bernique


Horse Supplements
“I got my sample of ZenA-min and she has been on the supplement for a couple months now. Coat is looking great and she feels wonderful under saddle. She has always been a shiny horse but continus to look great physically as well as no side effects of her being “hot” as it was important for me that it didn’t affect her brain (she is a 3 yr old Oldenburg)”

Murielle Gagnon


“When we got Jericho, a 21 year old appaloosa pony, he had a chronic cough from heaves and was at one point taking about $300/month of drugs in order to keep him breathing well enough to be ridden consistently by students. Since he came to live with us we have used only ZenA-min and good stable management to control his coughing. He has no signs of COPD, he looks and acts like a 10 year old pony. We highly recommend ZenA-min for horses with breathing problems. It has given Jericho a new lease on life, and has made our daughter very happy.”

Marion Feheley, Centred Riding Instructor/Horse Sales, Caledon, Ontario


“I have been giving ZenA-min to all my horses from brood mares to my Olympic and advanced performance horses. This past winter I specifically noticed that out of the 7 horses I took to Florida only the 3 client’s horses that were not on ZenA-min suffered from allergies. I have consistently noticed that ZenA-min , in the therapeutic doses, has a very positive effect on chronic respiratory problems. I highly recommend this product as a general supplement for maintenance and in increased amounts for performance horses.”

Garry Roque, Olympic 3 day rider, Caledon, Ontario


“ZenA-min is a great product! Our horses were on vitamins before our new neighbour Helen moved in next door and recommended ZenA-min, and the difference when we switched was amazing both in hoof growth and in their coats. Whenever the opportunity arises we recommend it to our fellow horse people.”

Denise Kirton, Bonfield, Ontario


“Windsor has been on 4 scoops of ZenA-min daily since April 1st and I can say that there has been improvement. Before I started the therapeutic dose of Unimin, I rated him at a 4/10 at his worst, which would be most summer days. On these days I would steam with Eucalyptus to open his airways, and then I would give 4 puffs of Ventolin and also put Deacon (like a Vic’s) in his nostrils to help keep his airways open. Since he’s been on ZenA-min (about 8 weeks), I have definitely seen improvement, I’d say about a 50% and I am VERY impressed. His stamina and endurance has increased dramatically. He no longer feels “exhausted” under me.”

Jackie Ladouceur, Timmins, Ontario


“Frederick is an 11 year old Belgian warmblood gelding who is a showjumper. In 2005 he was training jumper reserve champion, Central East Trillium. Since being on ZenA-min we have noticed: increased energy levels; brighter, happier temperament; renewed interest in his jumping career; shiny healthier coat; and better feet. We are pleased with ZenA-min and will continue to use it.”

Jane Mason, Tottenham, Ontario


“Three of my horses have gone on ZenA-min for a couple of weeks, my 30 yr old QH gelding, my 17 month Saddlebred colt and our 4 yr old Clydesdale stallion. The old gelding has perked up some already and the Saddlebred has lost his previously “tight” look. All of these horses were already on a local mineral supplement with no apparent changes. We are very happy with ZenA-min and want to give it to all our horses.”

Brandi Meyer, BC


“I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to ZenA-min. I have had my horse on this product for almost 2 years now and have noticed a tremendous difference in his performance and general health. I am very impressed with this product. I have both my barrel horses on this product and really noticed a difference in their performances last year as both horses made the rodeo finals and attribute this towards ZenA-min. I look forward to another great season with my horses and will continue to add ZenA-min to their feed as the results speak for themselves. Try this product, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again.”

Barb Miller


“We wanted to tell you that it (ZenA-min) has virtually worked a miracle with Cody. In the last month he has made terrific progress, dropping from the 8 (10 being worst) we had him rated at when we began to 2 now. We just had a few days of hot, humid weather and Cody went through it with no perceptible change in breathing. Just a month ago we would have been able to hear him sucking for air from the gate. The change began just after he started the second tub of ZenA-min and he has made amazing progress! We cut his daily dose down to 2 scoops a day last week (from 3) and we intend to keep him at that for quite some time. Our other horse, Ben has been getting 1 scoop a day as a general supplement. Anyone who has a heavy or coughing horse absolutely MUST try ZenA-min. I thank you ever so much, our prayers were answered when we found your ad.”

Leonard and Maureen Reed, Quarter horse owner, Redbridge, Ontario


“I have been using ZenA-min for the past 10 years and it has kept all my horses in top condition. My 24 year old quarter horse Lea, mother of 7 year old twins and another 4 year old mare, won 2nd place in halter class last summer. I owned and operated a boarding facility/ riding school for 10 years and recommended the product to all my boarders most of whom switched and were very happy with the results.  Now that I am retired and moved to another community, I have passed on the wonderful secret of feeding ZenA-min to my new horse friends and neighbors. They too are very impressed and can’t believe the improvement in their horse’s coats once they started adding it to their feed. Sugar, my 13 year old quarter horse had a chronic runny nose over the winter months last year. I increased her ZenA-min from 1 scoop to 3 scoops and within 2 weeks it cleared up and hasn’t returned.”

Helen Sapelak, Bonfield, Ontario

“We are happy to report that our Mini’s have had no repeat of hair loss on the Nannosil Colloidal Silver.”

A. Welsh, Orono, Ontario